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O God Accept My Thanks ~ Fr. Virginus Osuagwu, SDS


Fr. Virginus' launches his music CD

Celebrating the release of "O God, Accept My Thanks!"

This summer, Nigerian native Fr. Virginus Osuagwu, SDS, launched his first music CD, with all original songs, at his parish, Church of the Resurrection, in Maryland. The title of the album, “Chukwu Nara Ekele M,” translates to “O God, Accept My Thanks.”

It summarizes, through song, Fr. Virginus’ gratitude for God’s sustaining presence during the many challenges he has faced in his life and religious vocation journey. “I cannot say I have a favorite song because the circumstances behind the meaning of each song are unique,” said Fr. Virginus. “However, the track ‘Bianu Lee,’ which means ‘Come and See,’ is special to me because it is based on Psalm 66:5, which allowed me to recognize the many mighty deeds of God in my life.”

Having sustained a gunshot wound that nearly took his life in November 2003 is just one of the trials Fr. Virginus has endured. “While in the town of Gwagwalada Abuja, I was shot in the head, needed two major eye surgeries and general surgery to remove iron pellets from my head. God saved me!” he said. Throughout his challenges, it is the Word of God and spirit of joy that sustained him.

He shared, “I have come to understand the meaning of grace, that is, how Jesus walks into the lives of ordinary people like me and transforms them into usable instruments to promote the reign of God.” 


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