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Ministry of service

Ministry of Service

Taking his Salvatorian religious journey another step, the Salvatorian Center’s spiritual director, Bro. Silas Henderson SDS was ordained a Deacon on Saturday, February 20, at the St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson, AZ. Although most people think of deacons as being men who will eventually be ordained as priests or married men who feel called to take on this special form of ministry, Bro. Silas is taking on this particular ministry as a religious brother, joining Bro. George Maufort SDS and Bro. Sam Larson, in the ministry of “permanent” deacon. Bro. George, celebrating 58 years of profession this June, continues to minister at St Peter - Catholic Indian Mission in Fort Yates, ND. Bro. Sam, now retired, celebrated 71 years of profession this past March.


As a deacon, Bro. Silas is ordained to proclaim the Gospel at Mass and to preach and to baptize, to witness marriages, and to celebrate other liturgical rites. He has taken on a unique ministry of service to help make Christ’s love known to the poor, the sick, and to those who are often overlooked by the broader culture.

As Bro. Silas reflected, “I see the special ministry entrusted to me as a deacon as a wonderful expression of what each of us Salvatorians is called to do and to be: a witness of the love of Christ for everyone we encounter.”

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