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Reunification Ministry

Reunification ministry

He was brought to tears, overwhelmed himself, by the helplessness and loss a family had to endure when they could not say a final goodbye to a parent. In one instance, a parent passed away shortly before a Visitor Visa to the USA was granted. They had not seen each other for more than ten years.

Ricardo Rivera Gutierrez, a novice with the Society of the Divine Savior, has been working to turn that unbearable grief into an "all ways and means" Salvatorian ministry. "Migrant Mother of the Savior" is a ministry focused on reunification visits for parents or grandparents living in Mexico with their families who have been living for 10-20 years in the United States.

Ricardo and a team of volunteers work with the consulate in Mexico to obtain Visitor Visas for these elders. The hope is to allow them to travel to the USA to reunite, for a maximum of four-weeks, as permitted with the Visitor Visa. "Working closely with the Mexican Consulate, gathering needed documents, has been instrumental in moving the process along when considering who may receive a Visitor Visa," said Ricardo. "Being unable to say goodbyes... it's heartbreaking to see this grief," said Ricardo. "If we can bring them together, even if only fora few weeks, it lightens their hearts, and God's grace is present.