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Hope comes in a container

Hope comes in a container

I n 2019 our Salvatorian Mission Warehouse based in New Holstein, Wisconsin was able to ship more than 1.5 million pounds of relief goods. Medical equipment, supplies, and products were packed into 47 containers, which departed from a little town in Wisconsin for 24 missions in 14 countries around the world, including Ghana, Panama, Haiti, Guatemala, and the Philippines, to mention a few.

Goods from one of these containers arrived at the Association for Families with Disabled Boys and Girls in Honduras. This group helps to provide support in a country with limited social services. These items were able to make an impact on more than 100 families there, including one young girl who received a new wheelchair, feeding tube, and formula through the medical goods provided via a Salvatorian container that arrived before Christmas. In addition, 259 prisoners received candy, crackers, and beans from the container, and volunteer firefighters in the community received much-needed safety gear.


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Volunteer firefighters receive much  needed supplies


Excited to receive her new  wheelchair