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Social Seminarian | arquero de dios

Social Seminarian | Arquero_de_Dios

The ever-changing and growing presence of social media opens the door for new ways to communicate and share the Salvatorian charisms. Adapting to the times has a significant role in how we are called to respond.

Cl. Ricardo Rivera Gutierrez, SDS, professed his first vows this past summer and has been burning up the internet, gaining more than 70,000 followers on his TikTok account, geared toward Spanish-speaking viewers, in just a few months.

His account, named Arquero_de_Dios, translates to Archer of God. “The name seemed very fitting to me because I am trying to create a bridge – an arch – for people to really know the Salvatorians,” he said. For content ideas, he counts on the support of his novice director, Fr. David Cooney SDS, other Salvatorians, and has recently started collaborating with Catholic Tik  Tockers.

He is gaining attention on Catholic radio and television in Chile, Argentina, Columbia, and, most recently, a station in Los Angeles, CA. “I hope to share a glimpse of life ‘beyond the collar’ with viewers and listeners. My goal is to have them see that religious are human like everyone else.  We laugh, we cry, we get frustrated, and we like to have fun too,” said Ricardo.  “I want to share our Salvatorian charisms and humanity, and encourage vocations.”

Ricardo heads to campus this fall, at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, to continue his formation journey toward becoming a Salvatorian priest. Follow him on most social media platforms by searching for “Arquero_de_Dios” and have some fun.

Cl. Ricardo (back) enlists help from members of his community house, Fr. John (left) and Fr. David, (left)
Ricardo’s Novice Master. 


Catholic TikTokers (Ricardo top left) collaborate on a Zoom call to find ways to engage


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More fun with Fr. David on Tik Tok