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Year of Remembering | 100th Anniversary of Death

A Powerful Word: “REMEMBER”

Whenever we use the word – “remember” – we tend to imagine ourselves going back in time, reliving a past event or recalling a relationship with someone who is no longer with us. We think of it as “taking the present back into the past.” But the true root of the word – which goes all the way back to our Judeo-Christian beginnings – means something very different. It means “bringing the past into the present.” It means bringing someone who was once a “member” of our family or community into the present.  It literally means “re-membering” them, “making them a member again” – here and now, alive and present.

The people of the Old Testament did not have a strong belief in an afterlife. Their concept of “Sheol” was not like heaven or hell in the way we mean them. It was merely a “place of the dead.” There was, at that time, no strong understanding of or belief in immortality. The only way to be truly immortal was to be “re-membered” by people. As long as people recall your life and tell your story, they “re-member” you in the present, and you live on.

Today, when the Jewish people come together each year at Passover time and “re-member” the first Passover Meal and the Exodus, they are not simply telling the story or recalling a people who were once freed from slavery in the past. In their understanding of “remembering,” they are bringing those people from the past and that event from the past into the present, here and now, and ALL are saved from slavery in this event. This is why the biblical story reads as though thousands of people are present at that first Exodus – they are trying to portray the idea that ALL the people of Israel are being saved in this event – those from the past, the present, and yet to come.


Become Great Before God

The Society of the Divine Savior's Generalate invited USA Provincial, Fr. Joe Rodrigues, to host a film documentary  on Father Francis Jordan's life, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death. Studio Katolik of the Polish Province, in collaboration with a director and writer from Los Angeles, have come together through the sponsorship of the Generalate to produce this documentary which we pray will profoundly capture the life and spirit of our founder.

Filming began in September 2017 on location in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  Fr. Joe and the Katolik Production Team worked to complete filming in Jerusalem - the Holy Land in January 2018. The production will have its debut at the SDS-M General Chapter in August 2018.

...Until then, enjoy these photos and a trailer...

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100th Anniversary
the Death of
Fr. Francis Jordan


A Character Study of
Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan
Founder of the Salvatorian Family

by Fr. Daniel T. Pekarske, SDS

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