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Francis Jordan's Beatification

Reflection from Rome

Having had the privilege to participate in person at the beatification of Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, in Rome, Italy, former USA Province provincial and current member of the international leadership team, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, SDS, was asked to share a brief reflection on his experience. Below is an excerpt of his thoughts.

“Well, it was undoubtedly a day of jubilation, but more so, a day of revelation, for me anyway. One definition of a Revelation is: ‘Making known something not previously known.’ Isn’t that what Blessed Jordan’s mission was all about? To make known the one true God and Jesus Christ, he sent to reveal him.

Another definition: ‘It is used to emphasize the remarkable quality of someone.’ How remarkable was Blessed Jordan’s relentless pursuit of holiness and trust in God! All with such humility — despite his fears.

And yet another definition of a revelation: ‘A divine disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.’ These divine moments revealed once again to me that there is something bigger than just our existence.



Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, SDS


Three moments revealed the divine tenderness of God in my heart and soul: First, I was near and to the left of the altar; I did not know who was coming up the aisle until they arrived near the altar. When I looked up, the basilica aisle revealed a sweet child carrying the precious relic of the man who interceded for her miraculous healing, which now carried her into this life. She now was carrying him in his eternal life and carrying on his legacy. I lost my breath. A tear began to flow.

Second, when the cardinal began his pronouncement of Blessed Jordan’s beatification, they slowly unveiled and revealed Blessed Jordan’s portrait. Wow! I lost my breath again.

Finally, while praying after communion with my eyes closed and listening to the lovely music, I opened my eyes. I saw translucent rays of sunshine beaming through the window that was above Jordan’s portrait. It was bathing him with a heavenly light, and it reflected on the floor. But, not just anywhere, it was directly in front of the miracle child. I didn’t lose my breath; I just lost it altogether, and my tears flowed freely.”



“ Tuesday Novena in celebration of Blessed Francis Jordan's Beatification” (USA province provincial house staff will begin a Novena of nine Tuesdays' beginning May 25th.  Join us!)

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Tuesday Novena [May 25 to July 20]

Provincial House staff will begin a novena of Tuesdays in celebration of Blessed Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan's beatification.  

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