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Tributes - Memorial and Horarium

Remembering People Who Have Impacted our Lives

We all know special people who have impacted and enriched our lives. Whether living or departed, a great way to honor that special person and show your love and your unshakable respect for them is with a memorial or honorarium gift to the Society of the Divine Savior - Salvatorians.

► Memorial Gifts are a special way to keep your loved one’s memory and legacy alive.

When a loved one dies, we are faced with a painful loss and want to somehow remember and honor the difference that this special person made in the lives of those around him or her.  A Memorial Gift is a thoughtful way of honoring the memory of someone you care deeply about.  

► Honorarium Gifts let someone know you appreciate them and the impact they have on you.

Celebrate the life of someone special while they are still able to appreciate your sentiment. Milestones such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries graduations and retirements are just a few examples of how you can raise up and honor someone you care about.

Memorial Gift

Honorarium Gift