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Novitiate Year Adventures

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Ricardo Gutierrez
Liam Helms


Ricardo Gutierrez and Liam Helms, are nearing the end of "candidature" which is the first step of religious formation. 

They have been introduced to Salvatorian life, living in community and engaging with others in formation as well as participating in part-time ministry. They have been attending formation classes and working closely with the director of candidates to discern readiness for entrance into novitiate.

They are excited and READY ...

The "novitiate" stage of formation leads the novice more deeply into Salvatorian religious life, especially in the areas of prayer, liturgy, and part-time volunteer ministry. Novices live at the novitiate and take classes on Salvatorian life and identity. A major focus is to discern readiness to take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the Society of the Divine Savior. 

Join us as we chronical the adventures of the year ahead 

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