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Salvatorian Archives

           The Salvatorian Archives are located in 
         the three-story tower of St. Pius X Parish.




(Part II of the exhibit "1918 - A YEAR OF ARMISTICE AND ANGUISH")

The USA Archives of the Society and the Congregation have put together a display which is available for viewing throughout the year at the Sisters' Community House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The exhibit is entitled "1918 - A Year of Armistice and Anguish." For the pioneer Salvatorians living in the USA in 1918, it was a difficult year. Most of the Salvatorians who came here were from Germany and its surrounding countries. That year, war was destroying their homeland and their families. Anxious, they received little news from home. And here in this country, they experienced strong anti-German sentiments - both from the government and from citizens. It was truly a difficult year.

In Part II of our series, we take a look at World War I from an interesting perspective - we're using photographs taken by one of our Salvatorian priests who was a German citizen and a chaplain in the German Army during the War. When he came to the United States after the War, he brought his collection of photos with him. These are some of his photos.

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Part II  -  World War I

"The 100th Anniversary of 1918 - A Year of Armistice and Angusish" - exhibit flyer.

Available for Free Download


Artwork from the Salvatorian 
China Missions - late 1940's

Salvatorians ministered in the Fukien District of mainland China from 1922 to 1949, at which time they were forced to leave the mainland. They lived on the Macao peninsula until 1954, when it became more prudent to send the Chinese seminarians to schools in Rome. In 1957, Salvatorians returned to China, this time to the island of Taiwan. These four art pieces (available for free download) come from our missions in the Fukien District. They were created in the late 1940's.

(PDF files are scanned for 11" x 17" but can print smaller if desired - Click on file names below)

(Upper left)
PROCLAMATION - Original water-color 
poster (15½" x 29") by Li Tian Duo

(Upper right)
HOLY FAMILY - Original water-color 
poster (15½" x 29") by Li Tian Duo

(Lower left)
NATIVITY - Original oil-on-silk painting 
(8" x 12") by unknown artist

(Lower right)
MADONNA & CHILD - Original water-color 
poster (15½" x 29") by Li Tian Duo



Memories of St. Nazianz -
Salvatorian Seminary

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On Whose Shoulders We Stand -Necrology of the USA Province
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Archived History Articles

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