For over 50 years Salvatorians have served the people of Tanzania through a variety of missions and other outreach programs.  Below are a few photos of two of our missions.  The first photos are from our Mission at Mkuranga.  Mkuranga is approximately 50 KM outside of Dar es Salaam.  The second mission is Nakapanya which is also the location of our novitiate for aspiring young Salvatorians.  The third missions is Namiungo near the Mozambique border.  These are typical of the missions you might work at during your visit to Tanzania.
Photos of the Missions
The Morogoro Mountains
Shrine to our Lady at Mkuranga
Nkuranga Church
Inside Nkuranga Church
Missionary Residence
New Women’s Clinic, Mkuranga
Medical Staff Mkuranga
Nkuranga Children
Mission School House
Nkuranga Shipping Container
New Parish under construction at Kisigu
Workers building Church
Salvatorian Sister
Parishioners in Dar es Salaam
Bro. Donald SDS and a friend
Two Salvatorian missionaries
Kids are kids everywhere.
Repair shop at Masasi Mission
South Tanzania Mission
On the road to the Missions
Salvatorian Novices
Bell tower at Nakapanya
Church at Nakapanya
Meet our Tanzanian Novices
The novitiate at Nakapanya
Typical classroom
Namiungo Mission origional church
A place to chill out with the locals
Namoungo Mission Tanzania
Mission Residence, Namiungo, TZ
Cashew fields at Namiumgo Mission
Missionary residence Naniungo
Refectory at Namoungo
Church Tower Namiungo