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The St. Nazianz Fire - April 1918


Continuing with our "Years on Fire" theme, 2018 is the second in our five-year cycle - "PASSION FOR REMEMBERING." As part of our commemoration, the USA Archives of the Society and the Congregation have put together a display which will be available for viewing throughout the year at the Sisters' Community House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The exhibit is entitled "The 100th Anniversary of 1918 - A Year of Armistice and Anguish." For the pioneer Salvatorians living in the USA in 1918, it was a difficult year. Most of the Salvatorians who came here were from Germany and its surrounding countries. In their homelands, war was destroying homes and families. Many Salvatorians in Europe had to flee to neutral countries for their own safety - including the Founder, Father Francis Jordan. In 1918, his health was diminishing and he was being treated for stomach cancer. By the end of the year, he would be gone. He was never able to see his beloved homeland again, nor his beloved Rome. In the final months of his life, he surely must have felt like "a man without a country." His death was only one of the hardships suffered by Salvatorians around the world. In our display, we look at five different events which occured in that very difficult year: the St. Nazianz Fire in April; World War I; the Death of Fr. Jordan in September; the November Armistice; and the "Spanish Flu" epidemic. Here, we present the Introductions and Part One.

"The 100th Anniversary of 1918 - A Year of Armistice and Angusish" - exhibit flyer.

An Introduction to the Exhibit

Part One: The Fire in St. Nazianz - April 1918

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